Royal Bali

Cruise Ship & Hotel Learning Center


Bar is one of the training programs where trainees (students) will be trained to be able to become a bartender who has the ability to serve and mix mixed drinks in accordance with the ASEAN SKKNI and MRA occupational standards.

The Bar Program is a level III program (equivalent to D1) where students will attend training for 1 year (2 semesters). The first semester is a theoretical semester where students will be trained on campus and the second semester is a practical semester where students carry out apprenticeships (On The Job Training) in the industry (hotel/villa/cruise).

The cost for 1 year of training is IDR 13.900.000,- The fee includes: Building Fees, Uniforms, Modules, Practice Fees, Final Semester Exams, Competency Certification Exams, Insurance, Training Certificates (Ijasah)

The registration requirements are: filling out the online registration form, paying a registration fee of IDR 200,000,